About Us
As your neighbourhood pub, Berlin's Bier Houz is a winning combination of Pub and Bistro. Berlin's Bier Houz is the ideal place for anyone who wishes to enjoy their drinks, have a hearty meal and share treasured moments with their friends, relatives and colleagues amid laid back, cosy surroundings.  
The Place
With an ambience that oozes warmth, our outlets are adorned with wooden interiors, high tables, chairs and dim lights on the ceiling while posters of diverse beer brands fill wall spaces. Every detail within reveals an aspect of German pub culture, including the wood flooring style and furniture. While inside, patrons are welcome to feast and imbibe on their preferred brew the way the Germans do.  
The Food
A combination of German and European cuisine, from traditional Bratwurst, Meat Balls, Home made Meat Loaf, Bier Rindergulasch served with European rice to our Home
Made Dessert Kaiserschmarrn Flambé. Not forgetting Our Signature Crispy Pork Knuckle prepared with authentic Bavarian character and many more scrumptious not-to-to-be-missed offerings.
The Beer
We offer the widest varieties of German and other imported beers. Our Bartenders have been well instructed with the appropriate methods of beer preparation thus ensuring that we constantly serve well-chilled pints at the perfect temperature.  
On this side of the world, we are proud to state that we offer Lowenbrau, Erdinger, Franziskaner and Konig Ludwig off the tap.
Whether it's a glass or a beer stein, we ensure that your beer is served the way it should be.
We are guided by the philosophy to serve "good food, good beer with good cheer". Prost! (Cheers!)

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