Why opt for German Beer?
      German breweries, especially those in existence for hundreds of years guard their secrets jealously for it is those very methods that have yielded products of exceptional quality, much sought after by beer aficionados all over the world. Most German beers are vegan based (with no animal products used during processing). Bavarian brewery regulations impose stringent standards whereby breweriesonly utilise four main ingredients such as water, grain, hops and yeast.
      Today there are over 1,300 breweries across Germany producing over 5,000 beer varieties. For a nation that popularised Oktoberfest and made it an annual phenomenon world wide, not surprisingly, beer culture is very much part of German life. Over in Malaysia, beer culture has its own distinctive style comprising dining, drinking and socialising that has evolved from makeshift shops to sophisticated
pubs over the years.
Life is too short for a cheap beer. Order one brewed by masters of their craft today!
GenieBen Sie Ihr Bier! (Enjoy your beer!)
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